WordStar 3 (CP/M)

No-File Commands

Description Command Notes
Open Document file D
Rename file E (^ KE)
File directory on/off F (^ KF)
Set help level H (^ JH)
Changed logged disk L (^ KL)
Run mailmerge (optional) M
Open non-document N
Copy file O (^ KO)
Print file P (^ KP)
Run program R
Run SpellStar (optional) S
Exit to operating system X
Delete file Y (^ KJ)

Help Menus

Description Command Notes
Help menu ^ J
Block menu ^ K
Onscreen menu ^ O
Print menu ^ P
Quick menu ^ Q

Cursor Movement

Description Command Notes
Right character ^ D
Left character ^ S
Up line ^ E
Down line ^ X
Right word ^ F
Left word ^ A
Tab right ^ I
Top of screen ^ QE
Bottom of screen ^ QX
Beginning of file ^ QR
End of file ^ QC
Right end of line ^ QD
Left side of screen ^ QS
Block beginning ^ QB
Block end ^ QK
Find misspelling ^ QL
Position before previous command ^ QP
Start of last find/replace ^ QV
To marker 0-9 ^ Q0-Q9


Description Command Notes
Down line ^ W
Up line ^ Z
Up screenfull ^ C
Down screenfull ^ R
Continuous up scroll ^ QZ
Continuous down scroll ^ QW

Basic Editing Commands

Description Command Notes
Delete character ^ G
Delete character left DEL also ^ H
Delete word right ^ T
Delete line ^ Y
Delete to end of line ^ QY
Delete to beginning of line ^ Q DEL also ^ QT
Insert on/off ^ V
Insert carriage return (blank line) ^ N
Reform paragraph ^ B


Description Command Notes
Paragraph tab ^ OG
Variable tabbing on/off ^ OV
Center line ^ OC
Left margin set ^ OL
Right margin set ^ OR
Margin release ^ OX
Set margins and tabs from file ^ OF
Tab set ^ OI
Tab clear ^ ON
Justification on/off ^ OJ
Line space setting ^ OS
Page break display on/off ^ OP
Ruler display on/off ^ OT
Word wrap on/off ^ OW
Print control display on/off ^ OD
Hyphen help on/off ^ OH
Soft hyphen entry on/off ^ OE

File/Block Operation

Description Command Notes
Column mode on/off ^ KN
Mark block beginning ^ KB
Mark block end ^ KK
Hide/display block ^ KH
Copy block ^ KC
Delete block ^ KY
Move block ^ KV
Write block to file ^ KW
Set/hide marker 0-9 ^ K0-K9
Read file into text ^ KR
Copy file ^ KO
Rename file ^ KE

Search & Replace

Description Command Notes
Find string ^ QF
Find & replace ^ QA
Find/replace again ^ L

Saving Files

Description Command Notes
Save and resume ^ KS
Save, done edit ^ KD
Save, exit to operating system ^ KX
Abandon edits ^ KQ

Printer Controls

Description Command Notes
Alternate pitch (12cpi) ^ PA
Boldface begin/end ^ PB
Double strike begin/end ^ PD
Non-breaking space ^ PO
Overprint next character ^ PH
Overprint next line ^ P RETURN
Print pause ^ PC
Ribbon color change ^ PY
Standard pitch (10cpi) ^ PN
Strikeout begin/end ^ PX
Subscript begin/end ^ PV
Superscript begin/end ^ PT
Underscore begin/end ^ PS
Phantom space ^ PF
Phantom rubout ^ PG
User printer controls ^ P Q, W, E, R

Miscelleneous Commands

Description Command Notes
Delete a file ^ KJ
Interrupt ^ U
Print a file ^ KP
Set help level ^ JH
Changed logged disk ^ KL
File directory on/off ^ KF
Repeat next command ^ QQ

Dot Commands

Description Command Notes
Bidirectional print on/off .BP
Microjustify on/off .UJ
Page offset .PO
Character width .CW
Comment (not printed) .IG or ..
Conditional page .CP
Footing .FO
Footing margin .FM
Heading .HE
Heading margin .HM
Line height .LH
Margin at bottom .MB
Margin at top .MT
New page .PA
Omit page # .OP
Page number .PN
Page number column .PC
Sub/superscript roll .SR
Paper length .PL

Mailmerge Dot Commands

Description Command Notes
Data file .DF
Read variables .RV
Repeat .RP
Set variable .SV
Ask for variable value .AV
Display message .DM
Clear screen .CS
File insert .FI
Print-time line forming .PF
Right margin .RM
Left margin .LM
Output justification .OJ
Interpret input as justified .IJ

Character Pitch

Description Command Notes
5 .CW24
6 .CW20
7 .CW17
8 .CW15
10 .CW12 default
12 .CW10
15 .CW 8
20 .CW 6
24 .CW 5
30 .CW 4

Line Height

Description Command Notes
2.0 .LH24
2.4 .LH20
2.6 .LH18
3.0 .LH16
4.0 .LH12
4.8 .LH10
5.3 .LH 9
6.0 .LH 8 default
6.8 .LH 7
8.0 .LH 6
9.6 .LH 5
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